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The Czech Republic, also promoted under the shortened name Czechia, is a country in Central Europe closely associated with the German and Austrian market. As an e-commerce tiger it has one of the most developed online markets in Europe and a highly skilled workforce with average wages compared to its Western EU neighbors.

Joining NATO in 1999 and the European Union in 2004 investors benefit from Czechia´s stable economy and legal certainty. Czech consumers are very demanding - they love bargains and deals. The purchasing power of the population is closely linked to its level of education - they tend to prefer products they already know and are increasingly buying ecological and organic products.

million population
% population active on the internet
% VAT – tax burden

About Czechia

internet market overview

There are 43 500 online merchants on the Czech online market which makes it one of the most developed markets in Europe. Thanks to this competitive environment the Czech customers are used to high quality standards. The most popular payment method is cash on delivery. Czech customers like to order online and pick up the goods in offline branches or pickup points. The Czech e-commerce market is strongly fragmented without any worldwide player among the strongest players - the strongest e‑shop on the market is Alza.cz with other popular e‑shops as Mall cz, Kasa.cz, CZC.cz or 123 Shop. Cross-border e-commerce is also becoming increasingly popular - Czech consumers look for lower prices or products not available in their country mostly in Germany and China followed by other EU countries and the United States. Customer support and site trustworthiness are important for Czech customers to go for a foreign e‑shop and the most sought-after items include digital products and electronics followed by clothes, jewelry/watches and cosmetics.

million people shopping online
% e-commerce growth rate
% online share of retail

The strongest players in e-commerce

Heureka.cz is the biggest price comparison and shopping advisor on the Czech market making the TOP 10 most visited websites list in the Czech Republic. The biggest e‑shop is Alza.cz followed by Mall.cz, the HP Tronic group, T.S.Bohemia and Notino. These 5 players have a 31% market share.

Growth of e-commerce

Growth of e-commerce is high, with 2018 recording a growth of over 17%. The market is starting to get saturated, so a 1-2% decilne in the growth rate is predicted for future years.

Popular payment types

Cash on delivery is the most popular payment choice in the Czech Republic.

E-commerce revenue

Czech e‑shop revenue was 5,2 bil EUR last year, 17% more than the previous. The most popular segments are Electronics & Media with a 40% share followed by House and garden equipment (16%) and Fashion (12%). Czech customers shop frequently with lower shopping cart values. The trend is to shop daily consumption goods, such as food, cosmetics and drugs, online as well. The average revenue per user (ARPU) is currently around €293,19.

Internet penetration

With an Internet penetration rate of 92,4%, the Czech consumer is digitally connected and regularly uses a smartphone for online purchases (61% of consumers aged 16 to 26, and 43% of the entire population).

Favorite shopping categories

The most common items purchased online include electronic products, fashion products, housing and gardening equipment, books, medicine and health supplements.

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