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What were Slovenians buying the most in 2020?

Ceneje - At we always start the new year with a review of last year’s data. This time this was even more interesting, as 2020 was very unpredictable for many. Despite the lockdown and restrictions, the year was a very dynamic one for online purchases since the changes were happening on a daily basis because the world moved online all at once. This certainly was not easy for retailers. They had to guarantee buyers precisely what they were looking for at a certain moment. They especially had to take care of their stocks since in April there was the largest surge of purchases, which is also shown by the data on At that time, we noted a 50% increase compared to 2019. In addition, from April forward there was no noticeable decrease. In November, there was even an increase, which we can attribute to “Black Friday” and the Christmas shopping spree.

Completely entering the online world

We certainly predicted an increase in online shopping, but last year it was accelerated even more. Data shows that as much as 71% of 3,758 polled internet users made at least four purchases a year (source: Valicon). According to the SURS data, the index of online sales in Slovenia in May increased by an amazing 166% in comparison to the same period of last year (source: SURS)!

Most sought after products and brands in 2020

Which products are the ones that were bought last year by Slovenians the most? Until now we have been used to mobile phones taking up one of the first three places, but this time they were taken up by gaming consoles and smart watches as many were entertaining themselves at home with games or walks in nature. The average sum of a purchase for Slovenians last year was €271.60.

Which product categories attract the most Slovenians?

Certainly, the most popular category on the comparative offer portal is home and garden appliances with a search share of 40%. In 2020, this category grew even further. It seems that buyers especially turned to equipment for their garden and yard where there seem to be more and more swimming pools. For some products, there is a two-fold increase.

*A steady index is 100. If the demand for a product is 200, this means a two-fold increase. An index under 100 means a lower demand.

We saw that the category of toys is one for which there is a high interest throughout the entire year. Puzzles and Lego blocks have always been a hit, but this time we can see that the corona pandemic spurred the purchase and building of playground equipment right in the home garden.

There is also an increase in many other categories, for which there is a completely logical explanation given the current situation.

There is a more than 10-fold increase in demand in the category of injuries and care since that category contains protective masks and disinfectants.

The fact that we definitely moved online is shown by the demand index for webcams, which is at 1869.

In addition, there is also a noticeable move to remote schooling from home, which has caused an increase in interest in computers, printers and ink cartridges.

Quarantine – a time when Slovenians become even more active

An incredibly high demand index was noted in the categories for sport and fitness and exercise. There was a 1.5-fold increase in demand for smart watches and meters as more and more people went to hike and run in nature. Given that fitness centres were closed, many set up their gyms at home. This can be deduced from the index for weights, which is an incredible 453.


Past insight enables a creative approach

We analyse the data that we collect at the end of the year mostly so retailers can use them for their next fiscal year and accordingly adapt their creative approaches. At the same time, buyers gain valuable insight into the most noticeable trends of the past months.

We can all agree that we cannot be completely sure what is in store for us, but we certainly do not expect sudden changes in 2021 as we did in 2020. Is the online world going to remain? Of course. For many it has become a habit.